God made you to serve and volunteering at Stonebridge allows you to join forces with other people in the church who are likeminded, who love Christ, and who enjoy serving those around them.  There are a lot of ways different and unique opportunities that allow you to volunteer at Stonebridge!  Check out the options below and stop by the Connection Center at Church on Sunday morning to get connected and find a place for you to serve!

  • Welcome Center and Greeter

    Are you a morning person who loves people? Do you one day desire to be a Wal-Mart greeter?  If so, why not practice now!  We need you to serve on our Welcome and Greeter Team!  These faithful volunteers are the first faces many guests see as they visit Stonebridge for the first time!  We have the opportunity to make that first impression!  So, if you are a people person and want to be a part of that first impression, come and join us every Sunday morning at 10:00 am!

  • Coffee and Hospitality Team

    Did you know that Stonebridge offers breakfast and coffee every Sunday morning starting at 10:30?  Some of our most faithful volunteers are the ones who provide these goodies for our church to enjoy, but they can't do it alone!  We are always in need of extra volunteers to come early and make coffee or stop by the donut shop early in the morning to make sure we have enough nourishment to go around!  If you want to serve and hospitality is your gift, stop by the connection center and get plugged in to be a part of this amazing ministry! 

  • Worship Team

    Do you play an instrument? Are you a talented artist? Is singing your jam?  We need you to join our worship team!  We are always looking for talented artist of all kinds who want to share their love for worship with us!  Our Worship Team practices every Sunday morning at 9:00 am! So if you are interested, stop by the Connection Center after church on Sunday Morning and we will get you signed up to serve!!

  • Audio/Tech Team

    Sound boards are complicated, but when you know how to run one, the music is sweet!  If you are skilled at running a sound board, lighting, video equipment, or visual aid software, we need you to serve here!   

  • Prayer Team

    Our Prayer Team is a vital ministry at Stonebridge.  We receive prayer requests throughout the week through prayer cards, community groups, and personal connections.  The Prayer Team intercedes for the needs of these requests and follows up with those asking for prayer.  We recognize the power of prayer and desire to serve those around us by walking into spiritual battle for them!  Every Sunday morning at 9:00 am, our Prayer Team meets up to cover the staff, volunteers, service, and congregation in prayer!  We can never have too many people praying, so if you are a prayer warrior and want to serve on a team where your gifts can be best used, the Prayer Team is for you!  

  • Children's Ministry

    Stonebridge has the cutest kids in the world.  You don't believe us?  Join the Children's Church or Nursery Team and see for yourself!  If you want to be challenged, serve in an amazing ministry, and teach some cool kids about Jesus, we need you to join one of our Children's Teams! 

  • Missions and Outreach Team

    Missions and Outreach is the responsibility of all believers, but this team is for those who desire to dream big, plan events, and reach the greater community!  If you have a heart for people, desire to be a part of the great commission, or have a great idea for a mission trip, we want you on our team.  Come join us!  We can never have too much help!

  • Clean Team

    Nothing shows a servant's heart more than a person who is willing to scrub toilets!  If you enjoy the smell of cleaning supplies and making dirty things sparkle, the clean team is a ministry for you!  Join us the last Saturday of every month at 3:00 PM for a good old fashioned church cleaning party, complete with music and entertaining friends! 

  • Facilities Team

    Calling all handymen!  We need your help!  When things break, this team fixes it. When grass needs to be cut, this team mows.  When danger calls, this team answers!  If you have a heart to serve, are good with tools, and don't mind getting a little dirty from time to time, This team is for you! 

  • Food Pantry Ministry

    Every other Monday, a group of Stonebridge members gather together to distribute bags of food to local families.  If you can pack a bag, hold a door, carry items to cars, or love to organize food items, we could ALWAYS use the extra help!  This ministry allows our members to love people in a very real way: by building relationships and meeting needs!  If any of these activities caught your interest, you're in the right place!